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Services Offered

You can choose to use Hypnosis to improve your quality of life:

With hypnotic work, you can remove obstacles so you can reach your goals. Many want to stop smoking, whether they have been smoking for only 3 months or 50 years. Others want to lose weight to reach a healthier size either because they just want to feel more comfortable or look healthier, or because they are working with a physician who has prescribed a weight loss plan. Some find chronic pain is ruining their quality of life. Hypnosis for chronic pain requires a doctor's note given it would be dangerous for a hypnotist to remove a chronic pain if that pain were useful for medical professionals to diagnose treatment. If your doctor has done all he or she can do for you in the area of chronic pain, you can ask about using hypnosis to free you from that pain. Some find just the stress of every day living is overwhelming. Or a particularly difficult co-worker or boss might be causing more stress than one can reasonably handle. Others have stress of a more limited nature as might be the case with recovering from surgery or worrying about an upcoming major test for work or school. Many others have performance stress of one kind or another, including a fear of public speaking, or a sense that will power is just not getting them the results they desire.
Also, just about any annoying, unproductive, or bad habit you'd like get rid of can be stopped through the use of hypnosis. And any wonderful habits you already have can be supported or enriched. You choose which habits you want to change or enhance, and we work together to reach your goals. Many bad habits can be eliminated or replaced with good habits in a single session. It's always your choice what you want to set as your goal.

Hypnosis succeeds where sheer willpower fails: Stop smoking, chronic pain, lose weight, improve performance, hone your game or study skills, reduce stress or fears simply by accessing that part of your mind that works beyond willpower alone.

If you are interested in arranging an appointment or in a free phone consultation, please fill out the
appointment request form.

Private Hypnosis Sessions:

  * Payment for hypnosis or coaching services are to be made before or at the time of the 
  * Checks returned for insufficient funding will incur a $25 fee. 
  * For your convenience, the following credit cards are also accepted as well as cash or     
    check: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. 

VISA for Hypnosis

Hypnosis is commonly (partial listing) used by clients who want to:

  * Stop smoking - With very few exceptions, all clients who have wished to quit smoking
     have done so in just one private session.

  * Lose weight - (including Gastric Band Hypnosis aka Bariatric Hypnosis programs)     

* Support weight-loss surgery pre- and post-surgery. Gastric surgery clients enjoy a higher 
    success rate when paired with support before and after the procedure.

  * Gain weight - gain and maintain a normal healthy weight.

  * Reduce stress

  * Eliminate fears of flying, public speaking, animals, reptiles, insects, heights, elevators,   
    enclosed spaces, etc.

  * Feel more at ease in certain situations, such as during dental or medical appointments
  * Feel more comfortable in social situations, or when presenting at work, public speaking,
    performing, etc.

  * Overcome poor body image (beyond weight loss or weight gain)

  * Improve interactions with others

  * Manage various medical issues such as IBS or pain or chronic pain management.
    (Only with a physician’s written prescription as eliminating a pain that is useful as a  
    warning signal would be medically and ethically unsound.)

  * Focus your mind for better golf performance, or to improve grades, boost creativity, and
  * Improve problem-solving skills.
  * Improve success at work

  * Overcome procrastination

  * Sometimes more than one issue can be combined to be addressed concurrently

What if I have more questions?

If you have questions beyond those addressed on this site, please feel free to use the
appointment request page to submit them - even if you are not requesting a specific appointment at this time. First-time clients participate in a brief phone consultation with Lynn personally (at no charge and with no obligation) to discuss specific goals like "I'd like to quit smoking" or "I want to lose weight", or "I need to be able to fly for business or pleasure", etc. Your expectations can be discussed and questions answered. 

If you don't have easy access to email and would prefer to phone, please leave a message at:

(978) 494-4497

(Please note the (978) Andover, MA area code) and your call will be returned as soon as possible.

Directions to the private office can be found by clicking Contact and Map


Lynn Lewis Ribeiro, MEd, CH
Certified hypnotist and hypnotherapist - Massachusetts certified educator
New England - New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont - USA
Private Office located in Hampstead, NH at the junction of Routes 111 and 121
(Just minutes from Derry and Salem, NH and Andover or Haverhill, MA )

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